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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FREEdom for My Feet

When it comes to my husband & I, he is definitely more thrifty & budget conscious while I am more of a "you better buy it now or it may be gone" kinda gal. Luckily, Tim's good money making/spending decisions have impressed upon me during the 4 years of our marriage, but I admit that I'm not totally submissive with every swipe of my debit card as I should be. So it would have been a surprise to anyone when he suggested a few months ago that I buy a new pair of tennis shoes and I declined. Yes, it was quite shocking to me too :) I bought a pair of Nike Shocks just before we got married because I knew the opportunity to spend $120 again would practically be obsolete. I was always a New Balance girl in high school because it was what you were 'suppose' to wear. I'm incredibly rough on shoes, so much so that I have to buy a new pair every year. Tim kept teasing me that my Shocks were falling apart (they were perfectly intact, just in need of a washing) and I continued to stand up for the only shoe that had ever taken up property in my closet for more than twelve months. On a side note, I was once walking six miles a day for over a year in them, and now enjoy Zumba at least five times a week so I cant stress enough how much of a durable shoe Nikes truly are. Well worth EVERY penny! Isnt it funny how we 'need' new this and new that every year when we are still supported by mommy & daddy but as soon as we are married and pay for things on our own we are perfectly happy with 'stretching it' out for a few years? :) Now picture this, Enzlie is asleep, I pop in my Zumba dvd for my afternoon work out and half way through a Reggaetone Bounce the sole of my left shoe blows. Its literally flapping up and down like an old man's loose dentures! What was I to do??!! Call Tim and admit that he was right?? Sure Id get a new pair of shoes....but that meant having to say 'hey Honey guess what? You were totally right and I was totally wrong & I realize that I just got a new computer three days ago but now a need a $100 pair of shoes, mkay?' Yup, I felt guilty for not buying the dang things months ago when he had suggested it. So I called him. He especially enjoyed the part about him being right. I finished my workout in my socks then hopped on the internet to find some new Shocks before Enzlie woke up. Much to my surprise the price of Shocks have risen to $140! Yowza! Now that might not seem like much dough to some reading this but we live on one income so we go bananas for bargains. And boy did my sweet Jesus lead Tim to a whopper of a bargain! After checking out Fitness Line & Zappos online he stumbled onto 6pm.com (stop reading this RIGHT NOW and go browse their site!). Its an overstock, discounted, sister site to Zappos. Not discontinued mind you-what they have online is still available in stores there are just limited colors & sizes, hence the price reductions. While I was on Nike's website pricing Shocks I did a little researching on a new shoe, the Nike Free. It has a very flexible sole which makes it the most versatile shoe ever because you can train, run, walk, dance -anything-with this shoe. And hallelujah Jesus, 6pm.com has Nike Frees! The particular pair I pined for retail at $85 and I bought them shipping and all for only $49.95!!!! Yay!!! The best part is they were at my house, on my feet, and doing the Queta Mueva in less than two days!! I did not pay for advanced shipping. In fact they have a flat shipping rate of $6.95! My shoes are amazing! They are soooo easy to move and Zumba in. I wore them out of the house for the first time tonight and I seriously kept them on until bed time--they are that comfortable and believe me I enjoy lounging in socks or going barefoot but these shoes are so lightweight and flexible its the closest thing to socked feet. My Shocks will definitely be missed as they are the most faithful shoe to date that I have ever owned. Perhaps I will follow the notion of Ralphie's dad and bury them in the back yard while softly playing 'Taps.' So the moral of this blog, boys and girls, is this: 1)Nike Frees are amazing 2)You can buy them at 6.pm for dirt cheap. Happy shopping and happy exercising! Here is my exact pair below:

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