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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Distraction Breeds Division

First of all let me attach a disclaimer to this blog: I in no way wish to offend anyone, or push an idea onto anyone with the words I am about to type. This particular blog is a semi-vent/opinion that I hope may enlighten my readers or if nothing more open a mind or two. Now we shall begin... :) I recieve a flyer from a local church in my mail once a month. Although I dont agree with all of its content, it definitely has a good story or two and an overall clear message of Christ. However, in the last two issues I noticed that the major feature in the flyer is not Christ at all, but a heavy push on that particular church's doctrine. Let me also say that the writer of this feature is well known for his articles in my small town, whether they be found in his church's newsletter or our city's newspaper. He is known for expressing his opinion. Thats great-I also like to share my opinions-who doesn't? But my father taught me a little saying about peoples' opinions, which I wont repeat, but it has stuck with me through the years. Opinions=great; shoving your doctrine down my throat in a monthly newsletter that I did not sign up for=not so great :( Again, let me pat them on the back and say 'well done' for their flyer at all. Most 'Christians' take a back seat to witnessing and wait around to catch their flight to Heaven. So the fact that a local church in my small town has the fundage to send a monthly newsletter out to thousands of people is definitely commendable in my book. However, I find it grossly disturbing that the writer chose only a 2x2in section to lead others to salvation through listed bible verses & an ENTIRE back page to cover HIS opinion of why musical instruments are 'biblically forbidden in church.' His argument is 'because they are not mentioned in the New Testament' (paraphased)...really wish I hadnt thrown it away so that I could give you exact quotes...So my biff is this--what's more important Sir, leading others to salvation through Jesus and helping them stay there (yes, I do not believe in 'once saved, always saved' but that is not this blog) or making sure 6,000 people know that you absolutely will never have need of an organ player???? The Word says that "every man should work out his own salvation with fear and trembling" (Ph. 2:12), not 'work out his denomination.' And since when are we instructed to read between the lines so much so that an entire ultra-conservative denomination is formed? Salvation is from God-it is essential; denomination is man-made. I confess, I go to a non-denominational church, so I am VERY for musical instruments, dance, flags, singing-all types of praise.Call me biast. Do I have to have music?-no. Do I believe our worship here on earth should be a reflection of the praise and worship that is happening in Heaven this very minute-yes.I also believe in baptismal, but opting to not be baptized is no more going to send you to Hell than having a musical band play during worship. If so, my husband would bust the gates wide open as he is our drummer. Being baptized is symbolic of drowning the old you and being reborn in Christ. You go in the water as one creature and out another. It is not essential to your salvation, but it is a public declaration of your faith in Christ. Married couples in uncivilized villages on the other side of the world probably dont have matching wedding band sets, but does that make them any less married? No, because the ring is symbolic and shows to others that you are taken. But, I will not push my idea of baptismal, or worship with music for that matter, because if I do that then I miss out on the opportunity to truly share Christ with some one. If I push my personal convictions, opinions, likes/dislikes onto a non-believer, or anyone, then Im pushing ME and not CHRIST. Selling myself to people is not why I am here. I am here to share Christ-His likes/dislikes, His truths found in His Word. When you focus solely on your denomination's doctrines then you place Christ in the background and push your way to the front. This is not right! The "flyer writer" claims that music should not be allowed in today's church because its not mentioned in the New Testament, therefore its lack of mention means it should be forbidden. Riddle me this, Sir, physical circumcision is not mentioned  in the New Testament (as being necessary), but was the Law of Moses in the Old Testament, so are all circumcised men cut off from salvation? If we read between the lines  then we can assume that any man being circumcised, since the age of the New Testament, is cut off from God because God demanded circumcision in the Old Testament, but doesnt mention it in the New Testament. Therefore, we can reason that since circumcision is not mentioned it is forbidden. Right? Are we suppose to make outlandish assumptions due to lack of mention???!!! Galatians 5:2 says "Take note! I, Paul, tell you that if you get circumcised, Christ will not benefit at all." Wow--heavy words! Christ will not benefit at all! As so, Christ does not benefit when we put our preferences in place of Him. He surely does not benefit when we attack other churches publically because we do not agree with their doctrines. He does not benefit when we as The Church argue amongst ourselves, and debate, and validate, and point fingers. This only shows non-believers that we have taken our eyes off of Him, therefore keeping their eyes from ever seeing Him. Non-believers dont see Jesus because we are too busy showing them ourselves. And what do they see? Seperation by denomination. Cliques. Disunity. Membership. Church is not an elite country club so stop acting like it! Dont you see that that is what the enemy wants?! Satan wishes to distract us from Gods purpose of being harvesters (Matthew 9:37-38). Distraction breeds division. Brothers and Sisters, let this be an awakening!--stop forcing your denomination down peoples' throat! Simply love Jesus, LIVE for Him and let them see Him in you by your good deeds. People dont see Jesus in your life because you do, or do not, have music in your services. They look for His evidence in your life the other 6 days of the week! I hope Ive made my message clear here. Its not to argue for music in church; its not about church service at all, its about using your drive and passion for the things that will benefit Christ. He benefits when the Kingdom advances. The Kingdom advances when souls are saved. Let our fire and passion go to seeing souls being saved!